Filtering contacts by unlimited number of tags (and WLH .NET SDK)

Few months ago we had to eliminate the
Parties Parties.ListPartiesByTags(IEnumerable<int> tagIDs, int pagingOffset = 0) method from our SDK, because Highrise API didn’t support the underlying REST call anymore. We were very happy when we realized that Highrise can filter contacts by multiple tags (see:, so we were hoping we could enable again the involved method.

When you look at the URI in the browser when you searching by multiple tags, you may see something similar:,1973268,1969549,1984865,1690134,1963033

And not a rocket science to get the xml representation of this call:,1973268,1969549,1984865,1690134,1963033.xml

The only problem is Highrise limits the number of combined tags… boom. Only the first 5 parameters matters and the followings will be ignored. Of course we will create another ListPartiesByTags() upon this behavior.

We are proud to say that WLH supports contact search by unlimited number of tags.


No more untag limit!

Due to Highrise API limitations we had to limit untagging operations up to 100 contacts at a time. As many of you didn’t like that we worked on this and managed to find a solution.

Now there’s no limit on untagging operations.

If you select contacts you want to untag, and hit the “Remove tags” button, you’ll get a messagebox showing the approximate time of the operation, being queued.

(Thanks Cody!)

How do I: How to bulk apply tags on contacts

If you want to bulk apply tags on contacts, here’s what you have to do:

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