WLH registration page was down for a short time

Sorry for this, it’s fixed and we’ll be working to ensure these mistakes don’t happen again. Probably the failure caused by a bad configuration setting that had been set at WLH update.


Search result union

Many Highrise and WLH users have asked us for a solution for filtering with “OR” logic. For example, when you want to see the “Corp.” OR “Limited” named companies in the same result list. Then you can add tags to them by a single click. We tested many ways, but this isn’t as easy as it looks. Many hidden logical traps and slow queries.

Then we decided to use search result union. This means you can append the new search result to the previous search result and so on – without duplicates.

An example:

Filtering “test 6” named contacts by clicking Search button.

Then filtering “test 5” named contacts by clicking Search and union button, the previous and the new search result were merged.

Next, filtering all the “test” named contacts with Search and union button you can see no duplicates. (Test 03 is duplicated, but the one is company and the other is a contact.)


(Specially thanks to Gordon Jackson)

Very first detailed evaluation of WLH

Steve Castaneda wrote a very nice article about WLH. He mentions almost every  functions that WLH gives you, currently (because we will lunch a few new functions next week). Read it, like it, tweet it. 🙂 http://www.techforagents.com/1611-37-signals-highrise/

Great, thank you so much.

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We also

Ok it’s weekend, let’s play a little

It was a hard week, we had a lot of work, and many new WLH features are waiting to be published next week…

Come and see them…

Akuma (Street Fighter...)



Our workspaces

This is just a short reflection to 37signals recent topic at: http://37signals.com/svn/posts/3120-all-hands-battlestations
Going through the photos we were glad to learn we think and work in a very similar way.
Have a look:

Peter's desk

Tom's desk

Gab's desk

Sly's desk 🙂