Duplicate search performance issue vol. 2

Sometimes a Highrise account has thousands of contacts and the duplicate analyzer must check all to find similar emails and names. So this process may need a few minutes. We had a case when 18.000 users were in a Highrise account and more than 6 minutes needed to show the result (there was about 1000 duplicates). As you know every web-based systems have request timeout, WLH had 1,5 mins. It wasn’t enough in the previous example, so we increased it up to 10 minutes.

And we know it’s very time consuming to eliminate all the duplicates one bye one (in Highrise) . And sometimes you have to execute the same search again and again – for example when you close your web-browser. So we help your work to store the duplicate search results after the asynchronous process completed. Than you can reload them any time.

(Search result attached to the user who executed the query, so it’s secure.)

Previous duplicates

Previous duplicates

Thanks to Nick Wolf


2 Comments on “Duplicate search performance issue vol. 2”

  1. Nick says:

    Thank’s to welovehighrise, I was able to remove dupes from my system faster than any other method I’ve used before!!!

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