Help us develop “recurring tasks”

As you know, our next step is RECURRING TASKS, many of you asked for it, so let’s do it.
Being a complicated issue, we introduce our concept first and would like to encourage anyone to comment at this stage.

It is planned to work the same way as task templates already available in WLH. You start by creating a task in WLH, then you set the recurrence type and a stop date. When finished, your set of recurring tasks appear in Highrise. Simple as that:

Recurring tasks flow

Recurring tasks flow

It will look like this:

Recurring task result

Recurring tasks (result in Highrise)

We have created a weekly recurring task that ends on 1st of June – it’s 9 tasks in a row. Now you have to be aware of few important factors. If using incorrectly, you may create a bunch of unwanted tasks. We definitely would like to avoid a situation when you have to delete a series of tasks manually, one-by-one. So we have added the ability to batch delete these tasks, in case you wish to.

As you can see, we try to think one step ahead. Please help us on these 2 issues:

  1. At this moment recurring tasks is only designed to create tasks for ourselves. Would you like to create recurring tasks for your clients and customers?
  2. Should task templates and recurring tasks be implemented as one step or leave them separately?

One Comment on “Help us develop “recurring tasks””

  1. Scott F. says:

    Will there be a tab added like the “Day” and “Week” to add a “Month” at a time? Our tasks are often based in 3 month intervals, so doing this by Day and Week have been super awkward. Thanks!

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