Help us develop “recurring tasks”

As you know, our next step is RECURRING TASKS, many of you asked for it, so let’s do it.
Being a complicated issue, we introduce our concept first and would like to encourage anyone to comment at this stage.

It is planned to work the same way as task templates already available in WLH. You start by creating a task in WLH, then you set the recurrence type and a stop date. When finished, your set of recurring tasks appear in Highrise. Simple as that:

Recurring tasks flow

Recurring tasks flow

It will look like this:

Recurring task result

Recurring tasks (result in Highrise)

We have created a weekly recurring task that ends on 1st of June – it’s 9 tasks in a row. Now you have to be aware of few important factors. If using incorrectly, you may create a bunch of unwanted tasks. We definitely would like to avoid a situation when you have to delete a series of tasks manually, one-by-one. So we have added the ability to batch delete these tasks, in case you wish to.

As you can see, we try to think one step ahead. Please help us on these 2 issues:

  1. At this moment recurring tasks is only designed to create tasks for ourselves. Would you like to create recurring tasks for your clients and customers?
  2. Should task templates and recurring tasks be implemented as one step or leave them separately?

Very first detailed evaluation of WLH

Steve Castaneda wrote a very nice article about WLH. He mentions almost every  functions that WLH gives you, currently (because we will lunch a few new functions next week). Read it, like it, tweet it. 🙂

Great, thank you so much.

Support by Zendesk

Some of our users reported that support mails were lost or simply landed in spam/bulk folder.
To avoid such problems, we offer these alternatives for support related issues with the help of Zendesk:

  • through emails: support at
  • via Web form:
  • directly from the WLH Feedback form (through zendesk API)
  • as well as we offer chat service, and twitter

We must admit, Zendesk is a fine piece of art, the API is REST, well documented, fast and reliable.

And of course there are many extra features like triggers (can hook on events), macros (to help answering FAQ’s) etc.

We’re glad to offer you a higher level of service

Help Desk Software by Zendesk

Duplicate search performance issue

We have seen some timeout errors in the WLH log occurred during duplicate search. Sometimes a Highrise account has thousands of contacts and the duplicate analyzer must check all to find similar emails and names. Of course it can be slow. We are trying to accelerate this process. Today we will deploy a hotfix.



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We also

How do I: Generate tasks into cases!

You may be familiar with our task template solution to Highrise. Now you can use your pre-defined templates with cases too.

First you need to create a task template or use one created earlier.

You still can create an infinite number of task templates. Because they are the same templates you still can clone one of them to help you with specializing large templates.

Now you find a new menu item on the left, where you find your open cases.

Select as many cases as you want, and select the task template you want to execute on the right sidebar. You can specify the creating time of the first task (even in the past) and the upcoming ones will based on that date.

(Thanks Becky and Sara!)

Highrise .NET SDK Discount

With the Highrise SDK you are able to connect your Microsoft .NET applications to Highrise. So if you have an ASP.NET based web-application, or a .NET windows application, then you can easily integrate all of the Highrise functionality. Furthermore, you can create add-ins to the original Highrise. The SDK components are typed and secure, while forming a proxy they perform the API calls and data transfer (XML serialization, deserialization).

Just make a single, one-off payment of  USD 300  USD 200 and you get all future updates for free (we will notify you by e-mail).

See more info and documentation at