Our workspaces

This is just a short reflection to 37signals recent topic at: http://37signals.com/svn/posts/3120-all-hands-battlestations
Going through the photos we were glad to learn we think and work in a very similar way.
Have a look:

Peter's desk

Tom's desk

Gab's desk

Sly's desk 🙂


Untagging contacts – slow and risky?

We had to put a limit on untagging operations. Currently you can delete the maximum of 100 tags at a a time.
The reasons for that:

Deleting tags is an slow process in Highrise. One unatgging needs 2-5 seconds. If you have selected 10 contacts each with 3 tags to remove that equals to 30 untag operations, which currently takes 1-3 minutes to complete.

The other aspect is related to security to avoid accidental delete of tags in mass.

We are working on a better solution at this moment.
It will be user-friendly and it will allow to get the maximum out of given resources.
Stay with us, we’ll be back with some hot news on this topic.

How do I: Advanced filtering contacts

Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to filter contacts by tags, basic properties and custom fields at the same time? And what about the  50 contacts limitation in the result? WLH has a great solution for this and the top of it you can save these filter settings for later.

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How do I: Find duplicate contact entries

There is an easy way to find duplicate people or companies in your Highrise contacts with WLH. You just have to specify how would you want to search for duplicates.

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Use “How do I” links in WLH

Now you can find many help links in the WLH that navigate to the blog’s specific topics.

How do I: Work with custom fields.

“WeLoveHighrise” has a very productive way to work with custom fields. It’s very easy to filter contacts by custom fields, and also to bulk edit. And if you like, you can save the search criteria, for speeding up the filtering next time.

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How do I: Place contacts on map and calculate route.

“WeLoveHighrise” has a simple way to place contacts on Google Maps. Here are the step by step instructions you should follow.

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